Since its kick-off in April 2004, the Do 24ATT has flown to over 90 destinations worldwide to generate support for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) programs on child education, protection and awareness, and promote the Philippines as an ideal tourist destination.

The tour is also Iren Dornier’s way of paying tribute to his grand- father, aviation pioneer Claude Dornier, by retracing a part of the route made by the latter during his Dornier Do-X world tour.

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Scalaria Air Challenge 06.-08. July 2012

Scalaria Air Challenge 2012



Fasten seatbelts
The "Scalaria Air Challenge" has developed, thanks to a growing number of avid aircraft enthusiasts and breathtaking performances, over the years into a unique event for celebrities from the fields of economy, culture, art and media. Be amazed, be inspired and be entertained.
Against all winds
The annual 15 000 enthusiastic onlookers and the high expectations of the prominent audience inspire the hosts, Peter Gastberger and project manager Humberto Schenk each year to produce new superlatives. An example: 2012 the Sikorsky S-38, star of the Hollywood blockbuster “The Aviator”, will start her world circumnavigation tour at Lake Wolfgang. The Sikorsky will also meet for the first time the "Queen of the seaplanes" - the Do 24ATT. After extensive restoration work the well known “Latina” will fly her first international flight to Lake Wolfgang.
Exclusive seaplane's & aircraft lounges
The new concept includes small, exquisite and special presentations for customers whom are pleased to present their products in a particularly spectacular environment. The new products can be viewed from the first floating luxury lounges at Lake Wolfgangsee. The public area (free entrance) promises good entertainment for everyone: helicopter exhibition, open air concerts, disco Ö3 and after-show parties. Anyone entering the world of Scalaria swims against the mainstream and will instead send his senses on an inspiring trip.

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