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Dieter Thomas passed away aged 76

Dieter Thomas passed away aged 76



The whole Dornier Do 24ATT Team is completely shocked by the sudden death of our good friend Dieter Thomas on Saturday 13th April 2013.
Our thoughts are with his wife and children.
We are eternally grateful to him for his help and the entertaining hours with him. We have listened to his tales of his time as test pilot with much excitement.

The former Dornier test pilot has helped us in the difficult German approval of the Do 24ATT. Without his commitment and extensive experience the "Latina" would have probably never flown again. He was the Dornier project pilot for the Do 24ATT for its initial test phase in 1983 and flew missions like high sea trials up to sea state 4 in 1984.
The Do 24ATT is now based on the former Dornier factory airfield.
Dieter Thomas was also the first German test pilot of the joint project between Breguet and Dornier: the Alpha Jet. Its second Prototype took off from Oberpfaffenhofen 40 years ago at 09th January 1974 for its first flight.

As the former Chief-Testpilot at Dornier he also flew the:

  • Do 31 E-1
  • Do TNT
  • Do 228
  • Alpha Jet
  • Do TST
  • and many more...

Many thanks Dieter, we will never forget you!

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