DIETER THOMAS († 13th April 2013)

We have been very proud that we had the first Test Pilot of the Do 24ATT in our Team. He and his engineering office worked very hard on the new German registration for our Latina. With his practical experience and his dedication to test flying and aircraft certification he did a great job!

He was the Dornier project pilot for the Do 24ATT for its initial test phase in 1983 and flew missions like high sea trials up to sea state 4 in 1984.
As the former Chief-Testpilot at Dornier he also flew the:
  • Do 31 E-1
  • Do TNT
  • Do 228
  • Alpha Jet
  • Do TST
  • and many more...
For more information about Dieter Thomas and his team visit:
Prof Claudius Dornier Dieter Thomas.png

Prof. Claudius Dornier and Dieter Thomas, © Dieter Thomas

Do 24ATT Oberpfaffenhofen.png

conversion at Dornier Airfield Oberpfaffenhofen, © Dieter Thomas


high sea trials up to sea state 4 in the eastsea, © Dieter Thomas

Rampe Kiel.png

slope at Kiel, Germany, © Dieter Thomas


high sea trials up to sea state 4, © Dieter Thomas


the floats are a perfect mini port, © Dieter Thomas